Rhombus Maldives Pvt Ltd
G. Fainuge, Handhuvarudhey Goalhi, K. Male'
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  • Since back in 2004 till 2007 we had been engaged in different garments related business.

    At the end of year 2007, a brand called “RHOMBUS” was formed to cater all means of clothing with HEAD to TOE full range of branded products at Orchid Magu with a slogan “Your infinite shopping starts here!!!”.

    A team of 3 employees populated into 19 employees to form another 2 sister shops under the roof of Rhombus Maldives Pvt.ltd with not a single foreign staff.

    Specializing Rhombus (Orchid Magu) for Men’s Only, Curly (Orchid Magu) for Ladies Only and Silver Liquid (Majeedhee Magu) for mixed clothing.

    Fashion industry could be the most competitive business in the Maldives, but “RHOMBUS” is one of the top shops in the Island Nation for best seller in fashion imported products.