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Sonee Building, No. 7, Ibrahim Hassan Didi Magu, K. Male'
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    Since its inception during the 1970’s, Sonee Hardware has been about its employees, the customers and in general, the society. Through a value added approach, we aim to be “YOUR FAVOURITE HARDWARE STORE” by providing a service of superior excellence. Our success depends on quality, consistency and reliability delivered on these three core areas (employees, customers and society).
    Faced with the increasing competition within the industry, Sonee Hardware strives and manages to keep ahead of the competition by constantly committing to high standards and maintaining its loyal customers throughout the years.
    Being one of the largest hardware businesses in the market today, Sonee Hardware has built a reputation among its loyal customers with a strong drive for reaching the customers’ expectations.
    Sonee Hardware now has a total of 6 outlets in which the company has diversified into various different areas of businesses. The newly opened Showroom “THE SCENE”, the first intelligent showroom of its kind is a clear paradigm of Sonee Hardware's commitment to our customers.