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    Our Wok – magical meeting place of the ancient and modern, where recipes handed down from generation to generation combine with the freshest, most delectable ingredients. The result – a mouth watering foray into the mystic depths of the land of Orchids and Silk.

    Catering to the varying tastes of local as well as foreign patrons since 1996, the Thai Wok Restaurant is a comfortable, elegant restaurant which can accommodate unto 95 diners at any given time with a choice of non-smoking / smoking dining area and a private dining room.

    A dedicated and enthusiastic staff of twenty including two Thai Chefs is always at attention, ready to dispense warm, traditional Thai hospitality, assuring you of a memorable experience.

    Thai Culture & Food


    The traditional Thai greeting – warm, gracious and delightful, very much like the cuisine of this exotic land. Thai cuisine has been influenced by China, India and many other countries, and is a fusion of all the basic flavours – sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and bitter, with a wonderful fragrance and aroma to go with it.

    A Thai meal is served, not as individual courses, but as one large assortment of dishes each complementing the other, making it an attractive feast for the eyes as well as an adventure for the palate. Fresh herbs are almost always used and their sauces – fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce to name a few,
    add a distinctive flavour.

    A traditional Thai meal consists of a soup, Rice (which is a staple in the country), one or several curries and dips with accompanying fish or vegetables and a salad. Fruit or local sweets could be had for dessert.

    Incorporating the essence of global cuisine, it is a truly international meal. But at its heart is the intrinsic mysticism and aura of enchanting Thailand.